Sunday, April 01, 2007

[On Spring Break]

Sometimes life overwhelms blogging. These past few weeks my days and nights have been so filled with work, love, and remodeling -- not necessarily in that order -- that there hasn't been time to keep up with the blog. I haven't even had time to watch the 14-part HBO addiction marathon. I'll be back when things settle down. -- Marty N.


Anonymous said...

AA is a brainwashing cult that is destroying marriages. AA is religious alright,its a cult and I can assure you its doesnt refer to the God of the bible. If anything its religious deception.AA is spiritual bondage.Bill wilson was involved in the occult and screwed around on his wife.I have my own blog exposing this crap.Its rather huge.I find it funny how athiests dont like AA because its "religious" and most christians dont like it because its a religion that denys Christ.I'm a follower of Christ and I hate "religion".I wonder of Bill was a JW.

Dawn said...

I am a christian and my boyfriend a recovering alchaholic. He has recently got involved with AA and found a sponser. The thing is he used to mock me for believing in God but now he has his "higher power how he believes it" its confusing, he has turned cold and basically tossed me aside like rubbish. I am proud that he has stopped drinking obviously but feel that I have been pushed out because I have not got the disease. And even though he is supposed to be on step 4...He has no remorse for anything he has done to me and I don't think he ever will. I really believe this organisation has cult like tendencies. I have seen it all before in people I know who were involved in cannot question them, its hiding behind a religious mask, the emptiness of emotions, the coldness and the disregard for another persons feelings or problems unless it revolves around the AA. He even suggested that his son may have the illness because he is like him when he was younger (his son is 13). His son is a good kid who does get depressed sometimes. How can he think something like that if it not some method of thought modernisation and control? How can he assume his own son will become an alchaholic? To me that was kind of a sick thing to say.

Anonymous said...

Dawn.AA has him now,sadly hes been brainwashed for life.Let him go.Dont live your life in misery.

Anonymous said...

AA is a dangerous cult.
Alcoholism is NOT a disease.The disease THEORY was invented by Bill wilsons PROCTOLOGIST.
Your son does NOT have any disease.