Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Reader Writes With More Reading

One of the readers of this blog was kind enough to email me with the following information, which I pass on as received:

mr. nicolaus,

i'm a regular reader (& sometime commenter) of your "new recovery" blog. i'm writing to draw your attention to a few items i think might be of interest to you:

1 - the april/may 2009 issue of "Free Inquiry" magazine ran a great piece by Steven Mohr entitled "Exposing The Myth of Alcoholics Anonymous"; "Free Inquiry" is the first American publication to take AA head-on in a long, long time & the article is thorough & even-handed (unfortunately, you have to pick up a hard copy as the contents aren't available online)

2 - Dr. Harriet Hall (, ran a blog post on the above article & gave an MD's view of the article & the organization (; i thought that might be of interest as well

3 - at my request, Dr. Hall visited & commented on a blog post at (; the "editorial comment" to her post was -- putting it mildly -- elusive & openly condescending to any lay critique of AA; again, i was hoping this might be of interest of to you & that you might want to lend your voice to the discussion.

in any case, i thank you for your time & wish you all the best with your book. i'll be visiting the blog & regularly.

warmest regards,

peter [Name withheld]

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speedy said...

thanks for the recognition & congratulations on your efforts with AA member 'Guy' talked about in the post above.

i'll keep on checking in. meanwhile, good luck with the new book -- it's on my reading list!