Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Progress on Campus

Posted by PicasaI happened to be visiting Ramapo College in New Jersey the other evening and, in a hallway outside a counseling office, passed this display of literature aimed at reducing college drinking.  Didn't have a chance to meet the counselor or ask questions, but it looked like a big step forward from my college days (eons ago).  The bulletin board display points out that a large majority of students think that college students are heavy drinkers, whereas in fact, most students drink lightly.  The false expectation likely promotes heavy drinking behavior and the accurate survey tends to put on the brakes.  The display also includes handouts on alcohol and related issues. If material of this kind, backed by a proactive counseling staff and supported by the administration, had been available in my day, I might (might) have been spared three decades of alcoholic drinking.  

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Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Was stimulated going through your posts, each person saved is a battle won, each day clean is a miracle, and it really doesnt matter how one gets there, as long as one does it in the spirit of compassion, love and gratitude. I do so agree that the kind of awareness and acceptance that there is today makes a world of difference to the seemingly "hopeless" among us. I do not regret that this support was not there when i was growing up, since my journey has made me who I am today, and I do not know if I could have become this person who I am so proud of and grateful for any other way but by going through what I had to. Do find time to read what i write about addiction and recovery over at

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