Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Admitting Alcoholism So As to Keep Drinking

I've had a running argument with people who think that labeling yourself an alcoholic is essential to getting sober. I agree, the label may be useful to get some people sober, but other people use the label as an excuse to drop out of recovery. Now here's another twist: a drinker who uses his alcoholism as a reason not to get into recovery in the first place.
Rapper DMX insists he can handle alcohol better than most of his peers, because he has alcoholism in his blood. The rap star, real name EARL SIMMONS, is famous for his love of cognac and he's adamant he can still function after downing glasses of his favourite tipple, while others just pass out. He says, "I have alcoholism in my blood, in my family. My grandfather died from drinking a fifth of vodka straight. It is no problem... I am a little drunk." But DMX insists his speedy metabolism stops him from getting drunk - as long as he keeps moving. He adds, "Once I sit my a** down, it's a problem. Source.
Bottom line: admitting that you're an alcoholic doesn't necessarily help you. Identifying yourself as an alcoholic can even delay your recovery, like in this example. What's essential is not the label, but the desire to stop drinking.

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