Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nicotine "Most Addictive Substance"

"Nicotine is the most addictive substance known on this planet," Dr. Reichert said. "It is more addictive than heroin or cocaine, it's more addictive than caffeine, it's more addictive than anything." Reichert is lead author of a new study that finds smokers succeed more often at quitting if they combine behavioral changes with group support and pharmacological aids, than if they try to quit by will power alone. Source.


Anthony said...

I wish society would not tolerate such a nasty, smelly and deadly habit. Cigarette smokers are less productive in the work place and get to take extra brakes, standing infront of doorways killing themselves (and others) with that nasty stuff. Cig companies have known all along that the stuff is more addicting than all about $$$ and the health problems cost our society so much money.

Anonymous said...

Anthony i think you need to stop being a little bitch. if people want to kill themselfs let them. The amont of money cigarettes bring to our goverment through tax is ridiculous. The reason this country is so great is because we can do what we want. Pluse the amont of smoke/damage that the human race as done is still less the damage done by 1 volcano eruption. why would you want to limit our freedoms that our country gives us.

Anonymous said...

I think you should both SHUDDAP.

Aussie out.

Anonymous said...

I fear that he is wrong:

"We've known for years that sugar isn't good for us. It promotes tooth decay, provides quick highs and lows and offers nothing but empty, nutritionless calories that pack on the pounds. However, it appears that it is even worse than we previously thought. Researchers recently determined that refined sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine. In a recent study rats were given a choice between sugar water and cocaine, and 94% them chose sugar. Even the rats that had previously been addicted to cocaine switched to the sugar once it was a choice. No wonder it's so hard to give up that 3 pm pack of M&M's, it's more addictive than illegal drugs."

this link furthers the point:

it's conclusion:
Our findings clearly demonstrate that intense sweetness can surpass cocaine reward, even in drug-sensitized and -addicted individuals.

Therefore, we may conclude that Shugar is more addictive then Nicotine.

Taylor said...

I agree with Anthony. I think cigarette smokers by and large are a drain on society and need to kill themselves a little faster so that the rest of us can prosper by taking up their jobs and the resources they waste staying alive.

Anonymous said...

Taylor, I think that is the most ignorant thing I have ever read. See the problem with people is that they feel like expressing there opinion even when they are 100% unable to back it up. Congratulations, step in to the group in which the majority of humans reside.

Please explain to me how a cigarette smoker is a drain on society? How a cigarette smoker is any less of a good worker?

Yeah, that's what I thought you have no response.

So cigarette smokers might look forward to their break more than a non-smoker, that doesnt, by any means, make them a bad worker. Nicotine might be the most addictive substance but it by far causes the least amount of damage. Yes it causes heart damage and death. But the actions of a cigarette smoker aren't anywhere in the ballpark of someone doing: meth, mdma, pcp, (drinking) alcohol, heroin, crack, cocain, methadone, vicadin, lsd etc...
Think before you speak-or blog or whatever.

And before I finish I would just like to change what u said for you:
"I think [the] ignorant, by and large, are a drain on society..." Then again without people like you, people like me wouldn't have anything to argue about.

Jimmy said...

You know people who complain about smokers and the smell should keep their thoughts to themselves. People smoke for a variety of reasons some for coping because we might just have a little more stress then you. Maybe you have lots of stress and don't need to smoke, great for you, you were born with better coping skills. I smoke and work circles around non smokers so that mean nothing at all. I know smoking is gross, but you don't understand addiction at sll if you think its just a small easy to dispose of habit.

I would honestly rather the government BAN cigarettes altogether then put so many dam stipulations on them, like can't smoke on bus, at bars, at bingo halls(not that I go to them) in businesses, at casinos and so on and so forth. I hate seeing all these stop smoking or don't start smoking by our government. They love that we smoke they depend on the money as its a huge boost of cash into their pockets. So either BAN them altogether or stop putting all these rules on this drug. You get way more money on smokes then what you pay out on smokers in the hospital so don't give me that line of!

Alexandra said...

As you may not know, every ciggerate takes away 12 minutes of your life. In one pack of ciggerate you lose approx. 130 minutes of your life, which is truely sad.

martiendejong said...

I see people here saying that nicotine is not as bad as other drugs that are illegal.
Let me point out to you that not so long ago more then 25% of the population was addicted to nicotine. Even though research has shown that it is one of the leading death causes of the moment, people have an extremely hard time quiting this habit.
There are tons of deaths contributed to tobacco whereas only a small amount is contributed to illegal drugs.
Do a google search, find the facts!
The same applies for alcohol and SUGAR! Know the truth!

Haley:) said...

I agree with anthony, yeah maybe it isnt any of our business to confront people about smoking, but were only doing it cause we know how stupid it is to do something like that. do something else for fun other than have a cigarette hanging out of your mouth.
its dumb and you'll regret it when you get lung cancer and your dead.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, everyone knows smoking is extremely harmful. But nicotine is ridiculously addictive, hence smokers tend to do whatever it takes to keep smoking. It's not necessarily stupidity that makes people still smoke even after they get COPD and the doctor tells them it's quit or die. Addiction makes us irrational. It makes us rationalize in the craziest ways. It makes people say things like "since I haven't had a cigarette in a month now I can celebrate that with a cig!" "I smoke because I like it!" It's bullshit rationalizations of course. The only thing that's going on is you're craving nicotine. is an awesome site for understanding the nature of smoking and of course for quitting.