Thursday, February 08, 2007

Myth: Small-town girl goes bad in Big City

Media mogul Donald Trump's explanation for beauty queen Tara Conner's tale of addiction -- small-town girl goes bad in Big City -- didn't wash with the editors of the Lexington (KY) Leader-Journal.

Alcoholism and drugs are big time problems all over the small towns of eastern Kentucky, write the editors. Conner was drinking and doing drugs long before she hit the Big Apple.

What Conner's story really shows, says the paper, is the big gap between celebrities and ordinary folks in access to treatment. Conner got into an upscale residential 30-day program the day she asked for help. In the drug-saturated small towns where the newspaper's readers live, there's one treatment bed for every ten people who need it, and the average wait is four to six weeks -- if you can afford it at all. Source.

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