Sunday, February 25, 2007

Take alcoholic parents' kids away, Scot says

ALCOHOLIC parents should have their kids taken from them in the same way as heroin addicts, one of Scotland's top addiction experts has claimed.

Professor Neil McKeganey, a former government adviser, has accused social services of double standards when dealing with heroin and alcohol addiction.

The respected academic has said children of parents who refuse to give up drink are suffering neglect as serious as those of drug addicts.

McKeganey, director of the Centre for Drug Misuse Research at Glasgow University, has warned the Scottish moralistic attitude to drugs means well-meaning social workers are failing thousands of Scots youngsters.

Social workers are often reluctant to remove children from the homes of alcoholics while the use of illegal drugs such as heroin is seen as far more serious. More.

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Anonymous said...

This article, has a lot of truth to it in the fact that Alcohol abusers cannot take care of there children, but only in certin instants, now if a child is being abused than yes,but if one of the parents is strong and can raise the child than i dont see why you should. My father is an Alcoholic and has been for close to 30 years, my mother raised 4 children while dealing with his addiction. so now why dont you educate the parents and try and help them out instead of treating them like herion addicts. Alcohol is a legal substance and is mass marketed through out the world, so how can you compare them to herion addicts. Now if you have lived this first hand than you know. so you tell me Mister know it all was one of your parents an Alcoholic.