Thursday, October 26, 2006

AA member allegedly shoots, kills his sponsor

LONG BEACH - A recovering alcoholic pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges that he murdered his former Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor outside a Long Beach church last month.

Scott Gordon Reynolds, 27, is accused of shooting 33-year-old Uriel Noriega multiple times in the parking lot of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 525 E. Seventh St., on Sept. 2, Deputy District Attorney Patrick O'Crowley said.

The shooting occurred shortly before 8 p.m. on the night of one of the church's biweekly AA meetings. Source.


Anti Substance Abuse said...

“Take that you filthy sponsor who was only trying to help.” Maybe Mr. Gordon needed more than AA meetings. Can anyone say "anger management" and "reality therapy"?
Something tells me that Mr. Gordon may not be in attendance at the next biweekly AA meeting.

From a different perspective, where in the Big Book does it say that a person should not kill his sponsor? I had better watch what I say, because I don't want to give Mr. Gordon any help “making up” his defense.

Anonymous said...

Here's my take on how I read the above author's comment.

I guess something in your gut must of whispered to you to watch what you say for a reason. Call it intuition or divine intervention, but I ask you, do you really need a Big Book to put in ink that a person should not kill? Come on! You're right, the killer needed and still needs more than AA meetings to get him through this. And NO! he does not need any help "making up" his defense. I guess you thought your sarcasim was a funny perspective?

For those who have been left to mourn may they be given the strength to accept the things they can not change and the power/knowledge to know the differece.

Daugher of the man who has celebrated 27 years of sobriety in Narcotics Annonymous who just so happened to lead this victim to his own road to recovery, that earned him double digits of sobriety in AA in his final years, before his life was taken away.

Anonymous said...

Sponsorship and A.A. don't mix. But if a group gets you to swallow something that is not of the program, Steps, or A.A. Traditions it will seem ok, “after it is swallowed of course.”
A.A was built on the altruism of brotherhood which come from ones higher power not a
dependency on people, places and things, that can easily divert us.
The growth of A.A. as Bill W mentions is due to the anonymity and the sprit of the fellowship (brotherhood) not a fellowship of spirit that the world calls a club and others label it sponsorship that confuses and divert others into a dependency rather that the A.A. program. We all know our weakness, that’s why we are here. Very few have the strength
That’s why the recovery rate is only around 2% these day.
Sponsorship is fear based which lacks humility governed through fear, rules and works which is a good substation for the faith and grace. Truth does not need to be promoted the outside sponsorship system craze does

Anonymous said...

AA kills and is dangerous. Sponsee commonly blame sponsors for their problems, many are mentally ill. If the rhetoric of the program doesn't get you, the modified belief system will. AA teaches that your only options are sobriety in the program or jails institutions and death. No thanks, I'll try HAMS harm reduction. Better is better!