Saturday, October 28, 2006

Crack law insanity: an example

Norwalk, CT., Oct. 17: -- Brandon Miles was sentenced to 60 months imprisonment for possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine (13 grams found on his person found during the course of a traffic stop). Source.

White Plains, NY, Oct. 26: John Mancini, a pharmacist, was sentenced to 72 months imprisonment for illegally distributing approximately 5.4 million (yes, that's right -- 5,400,000) tablets of Vicodin in a five year period. That's an average of 1,080,000/year or 90,000/month or 3,000/day. The judge's sentencing statement said that the penalty for this crime was ordinarily 33 to 41 months imprisonment but because of the extremely large amount, the extra time was added. Source and original source.

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