Monday, October 09, 2006

Hello Faith, Goodbye Rights

Addiction professionals concerned to upgrade their salaries, benefits, and professional standing need to read "Where Faith Abides, Employees Have Few Rights" in today's New York Times. Source. Correspondent Diana Henriques details a string of court cases in which employees of faith-based institutions have been denied elementary protections that employees of secular companies take for granted: disability rights, the right to pensions and healthcare, protection against sexual or other discrimination and harassment, against arbitrary firing, and for the right to organize, and others. Typical is the case of Sister Mary Rosati (right), dismissed from her order after she was found to have cancer. Faith-based employers run roughshod over employee rights under the doctrine of "church autonomy" or "ministerial exception." The spectre of the Bush administration's heavily subsidized "faith-based treatment" spells relapse for the few protections and benefits that addiction professionals have been able to win in recent years. See also Bush Spends 2.2 Billion (September) and Bush Taking the Axe to Recovery (2004).

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bhisham said...

This comes just as I read a news report about how the 18-35 age group in US is trying to take over various government posts and trying to shift US to a Christian Democracy. They believe that.."Only Christ can help getting US back on the right moral path"
I don't like this ideology at all. I oppose it. Religion is better kept to individuals.