Thursday, October 26, 2006

Grandpa quits smoking for baby

GILROY, CA: Larry Hafvenstein smoked for more than 40 years. It was the "in" thing to do as he was growing up - movie stars smoked, doctors smoked, just about everyone smoked. When all the health complications smoking can cause came to light, Hafvenstein was already hooked and, despite many attempts, couldn't stop. But the day he held his baby granddaughter in his arms for the first time was the day he quit - cold turkey.

"My daughter, Lauren, was his first grandchild, and when we handed her to him at the hospital, he was thrilled," said Gilroy resident Kati Pauley, Hafvenstein's daughter. "But then it hit him that he must stink like cigarette smoke. I think he was holding this clean, perfect new little person, and he didn't want to hold her and smell like smoke. I think he also wanted to be around for her as she was growing up. So, he quit. Just like that, he quit. It's been eight years now, and he hasn't smoked since." Source.


Anti Smoking and Addiction said...

Let's hear it for Larry Hafvenstein. Quitting smoking after 40 years of this filthy habit is very difficult. Sometimes it takes the love of a grandchild for people to "see the light."

Kathryn Pauley said...

The article featured my father. He has now been "smoke free" for 16 years!