Friday, October 27, 2006

Author Defends AA Study

The recent study finding no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of AA (see below) has drawn some critical comments, such as a Wall Street Journal staffer (copy of source).

Independent researcher and journalist Maia Szalavitz, co-author of Recovery Options (reviewed here), takes on these critics. It's worth reading. She writes, among other points:

"Contrary to the Journal’s claims that AA “hasn't been subjected to the gold standard of medical experiments, the double-blind randomized clinical trial,” there have been several trials that did just that.

They just didn’t happen to find an advantage for AA ..."

"[As] one of the studies covered in the Cochrane review found, if AA has any advantage over other treatments that do not carry its baggage of involving surrender to a higher power and asking his help with 'character defects,' they haven’t yet been found in years of study."

Maia's comment is in, website of the Statistical Assessment Service. Source.

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