Saturday, October 28, 2006

Federal prosecutor accused of alcoholism in fatal crash

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- An assistant U.S. attorney, Michael Gallagher, is accused of slamming into the back of an SUV in Saint Johns County and killing 23-year-old Coty Hastings (right). A civil lawsuit filed by the victim's family accuses Gallagher of being an alcoholic and says his "gross recklessness" caused the crash that killed Coty. The lawsuit is asking him to admit "that [he is] and have been, for the past one year preceding the accident, a functioning alcoholic." And "that [he has] been counseled by [his] employer, the United States Attorney's office... about [his] abuse of alcoholic beverages." The suit doesn't allege that Gallagher was under the influence at the time of the crash, only that he had an alcohol problem. More.

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