Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cop who busted Gibson getting blowback

James Mee (photo), the Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy who arrested Mel Gibson last July 28 -- and witnessed Gibson's anti-Semitic, sexist and arrogant tirade -- is being harassed by his superiors, his lawyer says.

One of Gibson's drunken boasts when arrested was that he "owned Malibu" and would "f**k the officers" who busted him. Review. Is that what's happening now? Mee has been abruptly transferred off the tony Malibu beat to the much more proley town of Agoura Hills, infamous for the Brandon Hein drug murder case of ten years ago. TMZ, the web site that broke open the story of Gibson's tirade, says that the Sheriff's department suspects Mee of leaking the story to TMZ, and has put him under special scrutiny, but no formal charges have been brought. Source.

What's the message of the Sheriff's department's action here? Don't mess with celebrities?

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