Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kentucky teens dumping smokes

From an editorial in the Elizabethtown KY News-Enterprise:

A state report that didn’t get as much attention as it deserved during the Christmas holiday hustle and bustle was full of good news for those who understand the value of preventing teenagers from getting hooked on the deadly addiction of cigarette smoking.

The 2006 Kentucky Youth Tobacco Survey of 3,000 students in 65 high schools and 3,700 in 74 middle schools found that decline in youth smoking rates in the state continues despite the obvious efforts of tobacco companies to make smoking appealing to young minds.

That’s good news. The decline has been attributed to the efforts of the state’s public health programs and other organizations to reduce youth smoking, the state’s first hike in the tobacco tax in decades that increased the cost of tobacco products for normally cash-strapped teens and the adoption of smoke-free policies in schools.

In addition, the growing number of bans on smoking in public places that has produced documented influence on adults quitting should get some of the credit for discouraging teens from taking up the dirty, stinky habit, too. Full text.

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