Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Argentina: Bishop praises, transfers outspoken anti-drug priest

Buenos Aires: Bishop Juan Carlos Romanin issued a statement of support for the outspoken anti-drug priest Father Enrique Lapadula -- and transferred him to another city.

Father Lapadula, a parish priest in the town of Caleta Olivia, had worked extensively with the families of drug addicts, and stated publicly that responsibility for the severe drug problem in the harbor city lay with political leaders. Father Lapadula's outspoken statements apparently led to demonstrations against a local politician, Senator Nicolas Fernandez.

Caleta Olivia is known as the drug capital of the Argentinian province of Santa Cruz, which leads the nation in consumption of illegal drugs. Source.

Bishop Romanin denied that Fr. Lapadula's transfer to an unnamed other town had any relation to the controversy. Source.


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