Monday, December 25, 2006

The dear departed

Tanzania: Seven men were arrested near the border here on charges of attempting to smuggle cocaine hidden in a dead body. When their VW bus was stopped by authorities, they put on a great show of grief for Kombo Silili, 35, whose wrapped body they said they were taking to his home town for burial.

But authorities, acting on a tip, weren't sympathetic. They took Silili's body to Mbeya hospital, where pathologists found 59 balloons of cocaine in his intestine. Police say they believe Silili was a courier hired to transport the drugs from Zambia, but that one of the balloons ruptured and the drug killed him. His associates then tried to complete the deal by taking Silili's body across the border. Source.

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tina said...

That's just some crazy a#$ stuff!