Saturday, December 30, 2006

Doctors say: Raise alcohol prices

Scotland: A committee of eminent physicians has recommended increasing the price of alcoholic beverages to cut down on alcohol-related assaults and injuries (photo).

Committee chair Dr Bruce Ritson said alcohol-related hospital admissions had increased dramatically in recent years.

"Study after study has shown the link between the cost and availability of alcohol and excessive alcohol consumption," he said. "It is no coincidence that the price of alcohol has reduced significantly in recent years and that alcohol-related assaults are now at an alarming level.

"Clearly, we recognise that alcohol misuse is a complex problem and will require to be tackled in a number of ways. "But by tackling the issue of price we believe we could start to make a significant impact on Scotland's alcohol-related health problems." More.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with alcohol treatment is that AA has such a monopoly that doctors and researchers do not feel the need to come up with an alternative treatment. Given the research opportunities today, I would have thought that there should, ought to be an alternative to AA. Alcoholics and drug abusers are seen as social pariahs, although many or most of them become dependant because of underlying issues such as childhood abuse, depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar disease etc. Raising alcohol prices will have no impact or a negative one, because those addicted will be forced to steal to feed their habit. I find it strange that Doctors can come out with these statements. It would be so much better to treat the problem at its source, and look at alternative methods of treatment.