Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Online registries of meth offenders?

The idea of forcing convicted meth lab operators to register on the Internet after release from prison, similar to existing sex offender registries, is being debated in several states, in addition to four states that already require it. This article discusses the pros and cons.

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Anonymous said...

The title New Recovery should mean just that. Recovering meth addicts should be given the same chances given to recovering alcoholics and the trust and support from their communities and not be treated like lepers.Meth addicts are not fondling little kids or raping others they are ingesting a drug just as an alcoholic drinks to numb their issues a meth addict uses to numb theirs too. If it was your child, sister, brother,auntie uncle or mother; would you want them to be treated like an outcast of society or are you going to be humane and reach out and offer them support? Someday it could be you or one of your loved ones that takes that first hit or snort and you"ll hope to God someone comes to your aid end offers you treatment and recovery. Think of that!!