Monday, December 25, 2006

FBI didn't watch Tucson recruiters after hours

Authorities don't know whether the military recruiters who worked Tucson area high schools (photo) while running a cocaine network ever gave drugs to students, because the FBI didn't keep them under surveillance during their off-duty hours, the FBI admits.

The recruiters were allowed to stay on the job for months or even years after the FBI discovered their illicit activities. School administrators, teachers and parents were kept in the dark.

One of the recruiters, Darius Perry, admitted to using his military uniform to get past border guards and checkpoints while importing cocaine from Mexico. The FBI first discovered his illegal trafficking in 2001, but took no action against him for three years. During that time, Perry worked out of a recruiting office that covered 19 Tucson area high schools. Perry took honorable retirement from the military this past May. Details from the Arizona Daily Star. Earlier story here.

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