Monday, December 25, 2006

Why not addict prisons?

"We're not doing anybody any good by locking them up and turning them loose and locking them up again," says S. Dakota state congressman Bill Napoli of drunken drivers. "We need to look at a new way to handle alcohol and drug cases, and a prison dedicated solely to that type of offender is worth considering."

Napoli proposes two stand-alone prisons for repeat drunken drivers and inmates with drug problems. The current system, he says, isn't keeping drugs and alcohol from continuing to fill prisons and jails.

"I'd like to see us looking five years down the road at treatment prisons. I'm not saying don't punish these guys. I'm saying punish them and treat them and give them a chance. If that means more money, let's talk about that," he said.

Tim Reisch, the secretary of the state Department of Corrections, said his agency already offers treatment throughout the adult system and in the parole system, too.

A stand-alone addiction prison would duplicate services and present major security issues, he said. Read more of this story in the Sioux City (IA) Journal.

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