Thursday, November 23, 2006

Afghan heroin tsunami coming

Prague: A tidal wave of heroin made from Afghan opium is about to hit the world market, a European drug panel warned. The Afghan heroin is stronger than the current supply, and may lead to numerous drug overdoses, experts said. Source. See also this Reuters report, indicating that street prices of heroin have dropped almost 50 per cent due to surging Afghan production since the fall of the Taliban.

The complicity of the Afghan government in the opium business has been widely reported. The current Afghan opium crop is estimated at 6,000 metric tons. It's hard to believe that the NATO forces in Afghanistan -- notably their largest contingent, the U.S. military -- don't have a hand in this extremely lucrative trade. Troops are fighting and dying to prop up a Kabul regime consisting largely of drug racketeers, and nobody in the American officer corps is getting a cut of the action? There's a story waiting to be reported here.

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