Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cyprus: Comatose addicts dumped onto prison system

Nicosia, Cyprus: Police dump practically comatose addicts onto the prison system for lack of alternatives, according to Dr. Manolis Georgiou, pathologist at the island nation's central prison. About 35 to 40 per cent of the prison population consists of drug addicts, he said.

The doctor said the prisons were over-populated by 200 per cent and there were staff shortages. “We have to take them and rehabilitate them but I don’t think the prisons are properly equipped, nor offer the proper medical care to help these people,” he said. Source.


hospicechick said...

I lived among these people for 2 and a half years. They Don't give a crap about rehab. You get 7 years for possession for 1 joint. That has been there way of dealing with the drug problem since I was there 25 years ago. If you go overseas you better get there, stay there, and leave there empty handed of any drugs.

Anonymous said...

am a drug addict and I have no wish to go to prison for using it. I just want to quit and start my life from scratch. Unfortunatly I am not cypriot and have no medical card. With this problem I almost got to the Minister of Health to seek for help. I found out that Dr.Argiriou, who is in charge of the methadone programme in Limassol,has the power to help me getting this treatment. From my first appointment with Dr.Argiriou, which was about 1 year ago, I just get empty hopes. I started researching a little and found that Dr.Argiriou for some unknown reason helps people who don't even want the treatment but do it for the sake of the paper that they get on completion of the treatment, which helps them avoid hard punishments for using drugs in court. I want to live, love and not die but I always get a refusal. Even when I checked the law which allows me to receive a medical care from the government for free I was still pushed away. I know that Dr.Argiriou can even prescribe the medication (methadone) which costs only 80 cents a leaf but does not do it for unknown reason. I am planning on bring up this topic into the public so that people like me-who WANT with all their hearts to be healthy again-can receive what they deserve by law. There are thousands of people with a similar situation who are just getting their empty hopes. We are people and you doctors are here to help us and not ignore us. I plea Dr.Argiriou to give me chance, just 1 chance to bring my life back.