Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Send Haggard to boot camp: Maia

Maia Szalavitz writes in her blog:

I'm waiting for the rehab announcement-- I'm sure within 24 hours we will hear that Rev. Ted Haggard is on his way to Hazelden or Betty Ford or some other upscale rehab for his "methamphetamine addiction."

But where he should really be sent is to Love in Action's anti-gay boot camp-- a confrontational, attack-therapy program based on Lieberman fundraiser and former Republican finance chair Mel Sembler's Straight Incorporated.

Readers of this blog will recall that at Straight and its descendants, teens are forced to spend 10-12 hour days sitting on hard back chairs, looking straight ahead, listening to the person who is leading the meeting or who has been called on to speak.

When someone is speaking, anything but attention and agreement with program principles is met with pinches, slaps or if that doesn't prompt compliance, full restraint in which the person is thrown to the floor and other participants sit on one's arms, legs and midsection. The head is also held immobile-- and restraints can persist for hours and are not ended if the victim needs to urinate or defecate.

Source. Maia, Maia ... your blog shows no loving Christian charity toward this sinner, at all.


Anonymous said...

Obviously Haggards masters want to get rid of him for some reason. Their Fascist Fundamentalist "Christian" Army possibly needs a new Fuerer.

As an outsider, it horrible to see what is happening to the dumbed down youth of America being brainwashed by this evil so called "Christianity" How is it any different from the Hitler Youth?

Anonymous said...

Like so much else I find this so, so sad. Can you imagine the unbearable pain that causes anyone to accept this, the total emptiness. My life's goal is to become fully human, it would be the best I could ever be. This is anti human., violence at it's worst. Yes, just like Hitler.