Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Drunk driver claims "AA immunity"

WAUKESHA, Wis. - A woman stopped for alleged drunken driving on back-to-back days by the same police officer claimed both times her supposed involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous shielded her from arrest, according to the criminal complaints.

"You can't arrest me for DUI (drunken driving). I'm coming from AA," Sarah J. Reich, 22, of Lake Mills, told Oconomowoc Lake Police Officer Chris Wizner when he stopped her Thursday for drunken driving, one of the complaints said.

The other complaint said that, when Wizner stopped her the next day, she told him he "had no reason to stop her in the first place because she was going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting."

Preliminary breath tests at the arrest scene both times indicated Reich was driving with an alcohol concentration more than double the proof of intoxication, the complaints said. Source.

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Anonymous said...

All that can be said about this is that there are lots of crazy addicts. This one was pretty humorous and somewhat creative. I wonder if she is that creative & funny when sober, somehow I doubt it. If I were the police officer I would have asked one simple question; forget where you are going or where you've been, are you drunk right now. End Game.