Thursday, November 23, 2006

Surfing team wants alcohol-free beach zone

SAN DIEGO: Students from the Point Loma High School surf team are tired of being harassed by drunks at the Ocean Beach sea wall. Their team supervisor, Julie Klein, has petitioned the city council to ban consumption of alcoholic beverages on part of the beach.

“We're trying to have a surf team, we want to stay clean, and they are bringing it into our environment,” said Brennan Clark, a 16-year-old team member. “It's just not cool.”


Anonymous said...

sounds like a bunch of whiny, overpriveleged kids to me...I remember as a child when the surfers wouldn't let the swimmers in the water without trying to run them over with their boards. Does this mean that surfing should have been banned?

Can't handle the reality of life? Move to a dry county...maybe you can surf on the Great Salt Lake.

And I don't even drink.

Anti Alcoholism Advocate said...

Now this is a positive story that should be on the 5 o'clock news in ALL our major cities. As Brennan Clark would say, such exposure would be cool!

Anti Alcoholism Advocate said...

Isn't it amazing how differently people respond to the same article? Here I thought that this story was so very positive because these high school students took a stand against the harassment directed at them by the drunks. So what was Anonymous' take? That these students were a "bunch of whiny, overpriveleged kids." Since when is OK to be harassed by a bunch of drunken bums? Get a grip Anonymous!