Sunday, November 05, 2006

He didn't inhale

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CNN) -- Less than 24 hours after being fired from the mega-church he founded, evangelical Pastor Ted Haggard confessed to a "lifelong" sexual problem.

In a letter read to members of his New Life Church Sunday, Haggard admitted he is "a deceiver and a liar."

Haggard admitted that he had bought methamphetamine, but said he did not use the drug and threw it away.

A former male prostitute, Mike Jones, went public with charges last week that Haggard paid him for sex about once a month for three years until this past August, and that Haggard frequently used methamphetamine during the sessions. Source.

Haggard, with his chiseled features, wide smile and five children, had been a poster boy for the evangelical movement and social conservative causes that have been embraced by the Republican Party. Here's a video from You-tube: UK prof. Richard Dawkins interviewing Haggard.

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